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Healthy Eating

Abacus employs two fully qualified chefs who freshly prepare and cook all meals and snacks throughout the day in line with each child’s specific dietary requirements. Children under one year old have an alternative meal freshly prepared, selected from the various menus. Our menus are adapted to ensure a nutritional alternative is offered to suit all dietary needs.

We provide the following:


Variation of cereals, toast, muffins, crumpets and porridge.

Morning Snack

Fresh fruit, vegetables or healthy snack.


A daily variation of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables with a delicious pudding.

Afternoon Snack

Fresh fruit, vegetables or healthy snack.


A light meal served with vegetables or salad and a pudding.

All snacks are served with milk in line with government guidelines, and meals are served with water. Water is available throughout the day at each room’s water station.

Menus are displayed in the nursery entrance hall and display any potential allergens that may be contained in each meal, alongside additional information regarding all 14 allergens.

We encourage all of our children to sit together around the table at meal times. Staff model positive body language and communication during this period and encourage manners. We provide the cutlery and cups depending on the age and stage of development of each child, and provide opportunities for each child to meet their next steps with regards to self-help skills and feeding. Children are given the opportunity at being the ‘table monitor’, this again is to encourage personal, social and emotional skills whilst modelling good practice.

We are delighted that we were awarded 5 stars in January 2016 only 2 months after opening from the Environmental Health Inspector.
Miss Mairi Robinson is the head of our Smile4Life campaign as well as our designated Oral Health and Healthy Eating Champion. Miss Mairi is passionate about teaching children and practitioners the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle and cascades her knowledge regularly at staff meetings.

At Abacus every child counts!

Ofsted Outstanding 2015 | 2016
Best early years provider
Smile 4 Life